About Us

Ampersand Travels offers clients exceptional and personalized customer service and skill in creating luxury, once in a lifetime vacations. We proudly serves clients wanting a truly amazing vacation experience and value for each vacation they book with us. We makes sure every detail is well thought out and planned ensuring you have a stress-free and amazing vacation. All you have to do is pack!  


A journey away from home should reflect your uniqueness as a traveler. Our well-experienced team will work with you to understand your interests and travel style, and create a personalized travel itinerary that inspires you.


We're here to take the stress out of the holiday planning process.
You can be as involved as you want, and you are always in control.
Everything is tailored to your exact needs and tastes, and we will keep tweaking and adapting until it feels just right.


Our thoughtful team of knowledgeable experts are here to take care of every need, from the second you contact us to when you return.Things can go wrong, it's how we deal with these situations which really sets us apart.


Our team are experienced in many areas. They are all well travelled, have many years in the travel industry and a rich variety of life experiences. Over the years, many employees who have joined us have done so through encouragement by their friends already employed with Ampersand Travels. This has produced a comfortable and supportive environment with a tight dynamic and strong work ethic. Our team reinforce our values throughout the company, our literature, communication, and relationships. We are aware that this is what has our clients raving. It wins us new business, helps us retain staff, and ensures that we remain an employer of choice. It also keeps our suppliers working with us, for us. Ampersand Travels service delivery requires attention to detail, grace under pressure, and a drive to surpass client expectations.

Ms. Sobiya zahoor

The Founder of the Company

Mr. Suhaib shera

The Co-Founder of the Company

Mr. ruhaib shera

The Managing Director of the Company

Ms. sadaf zahoor


Ms. Hadiya Khan