Suru Valley has an average elevation of 3000 m extending from Kargil to Panzella is most fertile part of Ladakh.  Suru Valley serves as Ladakh’s granary. Lower Suru Valley is extensively cultivated with barley, wheat, millet and bean fields interspersed with willows. This valley encompasses the catchment basin of the Suru River, which emerges from the Panzella glacier. Lofty pinnacles of Kun and Nun mountains crown the breathtaking landscape of this scenic region. Parachik Glacier is a beautiful location situated at the slopes of Nun – Kun Mountains. Its melted water adds in Suru River. 

 Most of the inhabitants of this sprawling region are of Tibeti-Darad origin. The Suru Valley is rich in wildlife. Red bear, wolves, ibex and mountain goats are found in plenty. Snow leopards are occasionally seen in winter, when they come down from the higher, colder habitats. The last village of Suru valley is Rangdum which is about 127 Km from Kargill and further goes to Zanskar valley for beautiful destination Padum. The road up to Sankoo which is 42 Km from Kargil has a good metalled road. Here you can explore the lush plantations, wild roses, poplars and nearby villages. Panikhar which is about 26 Km from Sankoo is bearable and then further it is kind of off roading, dirt trail, full of potholes and speed of your vehicle remains in teens. Roughly 40 kms before Rangdum is Parakachik, from here the vistas change dramatically and the real beauty of Suru Valley starts becoming apparent, to relish this beauty it is recommended to come here in late September or October since the grass at that time has shades of orange and that combined with the arid mountain backdrop makes it even more dramatic. Suru Valley has breathtaking landscape that makes it a dreamland for photography. Lush green agricultural lands and gurgling streams, snowy mountains, floating glaciers add to the beauty of the valley. The beauty of this region is enhanced with the towering Nun (7,135m) and Kun (7,035m) mountain range for a backdrop.