Doodhpathri is a beautiful and enchanting bowl shaped valley of Jammu and Kashmir. It is situated 40 kms from Srinagar and is definitely an unexplored place in Kashmir. Lofty mountains, velvet-like green meadows, sky touching trees, crystal-clear water and life-giving air all make Doodhpathri an unmatched and unparalleled Tourist Destination. The area is rich in the production of milk, hence the name “Doodhpathri”. It is also believed that the cattle who graze in the meadows of this place give a large quantity of milk and that is why it is called Doodhpathri. Doodhpathri is a beautiful meadow with emerald grass that looks like a green carpet. A beautiful river dancing and reverberating with the wind flows in the middle of the meadow, lending it a splendid charm and vibrancy. The place looks very beautiful and pleasant. The green grass under the feet is really wonderful.

Doodhpathri however is a recent inclusion in the Jammu Kashmir tourist map. This is the reason that the place is not overcrowded and not many tourists visit here. However, it has become a real hit among the local population, who find it a welcome step. The road from Khansahib area in Badgam to the Doodhpathri is not in a good condition. There is not a full-fledged market or any hotel in the area, so the trip is always going to last for a day only and you need to pack your lunch. Tea and snacks are available in the shops run by local people.

Travelling to the area can be hectic, but the place is worth the trouble. The local government is taking steps on fast track basis to make the access easier and comfortable. Work is going on to connect Doodhpathri with all the concrete roads. Once completed, it is believed that the place will be at no. 3 of the most preferred tourist destinations of the valley.

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